Career Planning

Students should take interest and skills assessments (click here) to discover likes and dislikes and marketable skills.


1.Use career exploration tools such as:
*NC Career Clusters Guide 

2.Pay attention to jobs indicated by your assessments
3.Compare salaries, education required, and the future demand for each job.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics
4.Attend career fairs, job shadowing, and business tours. Talk to the business people about possible careers.
5.Listen to guest speakers who talk about their career. Connect what they say to what you are now learning.
6.Get an Internship or Apprenticeship in order to see how jobs really work.  See your school’s career development coordinator
7.Decide on a job or jobs that look promising.

8.Talk to employers and employees about those jobs. The employer knows what they are looking for in new hires.
-Ask them what education is needed to get into that job.
-Ask about education needed to get to the next level.
-Does the employer provide additional education? (some might pay
for community college, bachelor's or master's degree)
-Ask them what school to go to and what classes to take. Ask
about high school electives to take.

9.Take a Career-Technical Education class to explore possible careers. Join a Career Technical Student Organization like DECA or SkillsUSA.

Employability Skills
Employability Skills activities that can contribute to students education/career plans:
*Resume writing
*Practice Job Interviewing
*Job Applications/Employment Forms
*Personal Appearance
*Employee responsibilities
*Follow-up letters
*Soft Skills Workshop
- Communication skills
- Following Directions
- Teamwork (group work)
- Time management
- Problem Solving
- Creative Thinking
- Decision Making
- Showing Initiative
- Exceeding employer expectations
- Meeting deadlines
- Conflict resolution/negotiating

Education/Career Plan
Students should create a Ten-Year Education/Career Plan that includes the following and then share this plan with teachers, parents, and business persons in their chosen career field.

Create an electronic portfolio that you
continually update throughout your professional future.Use the following documents as you prepare for your future!

1. Individual Career Portfolio
2. My Educational and Postsecondary Plan
3. Creating a Career Action Plan

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