Former HPS teacher, now 101, donates to Viewmont

Former HPS teacher, now 101, donates to Viewmont
Posted on 04/21/2021
suffragettes cover

Thanks to local author, Viewmont students to learn about Suffragettes


Just over 100 years ago, women were not allowed to vote in the United States. In August of 1920, that all changed as the women’s right to vote became known as the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

A century later, in April of 2020, while celebrating her 100th birthday in union with the centennial recognition of women’s right to vote, Harriett Bannon, a resident of Hickory and former teacher at Viewmont Elementary School, published her first book, “Heroes of History, Suffragettes, Vote for Women.”

Noted as a “Read, Color, and Learn Book,” Bannon’s book, which is dedicated to the children of the world, is not only a history book for children, but serves as an educational tool for literacy, while providing visual activities. Each book comes with coloring pencils so that children may color the historical figures as they discover significant biography details.

Bannon begins her book of heroes with a personal multi-stanza poem—providing whimsy and fact as she sets the tone for the pages to come. One sample:

“Daughters, pick up and carry the torch.

Your future looks brighter each day.

The door opens wide for all to take part,

Teamwork and fairness we must always display.

All races and creeds, daughters, and sons

Join hands and minds for a job well done.”


Bannon’s creative friends joined her in the writing and design of “Suffragettes,” including Gayle Coyne serving as co-author, Harriett Jeffords (a retired teacher from Jenkins Elementary) serving as curriculum consultant, and artist, Brigette O. Hadley, who provided all illustrations.

Published by Redhawk Publications at Catawba Valley Community College, the supportive team worked with Bannon to officially give her the title as “author.” Robert Canipe, English Instructor, General Editor and Publisher, along with Richard Eller, CVCC Historian-In-Resident and Director, Redhawk Enterprises, as well as Patricia Thompson, Project Coordinator, Redhawk Publications – collectively set “Suffragettes” in motion for production and distribution. Additionally, Dr. James Broselow, a new contributor to the book’s availability and educational access for the students, is providing a hybrid quick information (qi) learning system.

Every fifth grade student enrolled at Viewmont Elementary School, along with their teachers, is now the recipient of Bannon’s “Suffragettes.”  The team recently gathered at Viewmont Elementary to celebrate the donation to the school while reflecting on Harriett Bannon’s personal story, which is included in the back of the book.  Donors, thus far, in helping with the distribution of Suffragettes to classrooms include Carolyn Offill, Gisella and Vincent Falletta, Robert and Judy Bannon, and Dr. Terrance Coyne. Any group or individuals who are interested in donating books to a classroom may contact Gayle Coyne:

“We are thrilled to receive an entire set of Ms. Bannon’s books for our fifth grade students,” said Viewmont Principal, Jeff Hodakowski. “With Ms. Bannon’s personal history of teaching, especially at the former Viewmont Elementary building in the 1940’s, I can’t think of a more fitting gift from one of our own. She is a delight to meet and she has so many stories to share with our young students. We look forward to her future publications!”

Harriett Bannon, now celebrating more than a century of living, with her 101st birthday on April 22, 2021, is the ideal person to share the history of women in the release of her first book, Suffragettes. The book can be ordered through: Redhawk Publications, 2550 US Hwy 70 SE, Hickory, NC  28602, purchased on Amazon, or purchased in Hickory at Jenny’s Gifts and Accessories or at the Old Hickory Station.


Representatives from Viewmont Elementary School join members of the CVCC Redhawk Publications / Enterprises in celebration of “Suffragettes,” authored by Harriett Bannon (center, white jacket) who celebrates her 101st birthday on April 22, 2021.  Additional co-writers and the illustrator also join Harriett Bannon for the celebration. The team, along with donors, provided enough books for every fifth grade student enrolled at Viewmont Elementary, the school where Ms. Bannon taught in the 1940’s.