Tenth in the Series: Rookie Teachers

Tenth in a Series: Rookie Teachers
Posted on 07/10/2014

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Rookie HPS Teachers

Finish First Year


The tenth in a series: Ten teachers who recently finished their first year of teaching (ever) with Hickory Public Schools, stepped forward to reflect upon their new career experiences. While there are many more first year teachers, these teachers provide a sampling of the rookie experience! Thanks to all for your dedication and service!

Not in any particular order, this “rookie teacher” spotlight shines on Jordan Guyton, 24, who is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte and a teacher at Hickory High School.

  1. What do you teach? (Grade, subjects, etc.)

    Earth & Environmental Science (primarily 9th graders)

  2. Why did you choose education?

    I chose education because I wanted to have impact in the lives of others. There is no other field of choice where you can have daily interactions with individuals who will change/shape the future. With the gloom over education in North Carolina, I wanted to breathe life into it.

  3. What was the most amazing/incredible experience from your first year?

    I was greatly surprised both semesters by the groups of students that I had in which they began the semester very distant, and rather critical. As the semester progressed, I saw them grow comfortable as they began to understand, and accept my rules and expectations. This resulted in them developing a strong work ethic, and ultimately a family experience each and every school day.

  4. Identify some of the surprises that came with your year or some of the challenges… (And perhaps the lessons you learned as to how to become an even stronger teacher in the future).

    I was greatly surprised by the amount of preparation that goes into daily lessons, and activities. Going forward I will do a much better job at pacing, developing alternate activities in case the one planned is a dud, and also explaining everything more plainly. Assumptions will destroy even the greatest teachers when they don’t effectively communicate assignments, and expectations.

  5. What suggestions/recommendations do you have for other first year teachers who will begin this fall (recent graduates)?

    They must be honest with themselves as to who they are, and what their expectations are. You can’t be fake in your own classroom because the students will spot inconsistencies. From day one you must plainly express rules and expectations, and not bend on them for anyone. The students will gravitate to those who they feel are genuine, and real with them. 

  6. Why are you remaining in education?

    Working in education requires a commitment to see objectives through. Though this school year went well, I see that there is still much room for growth. I desire to become the greatest educator possible, and I plan on achieving that. I would also like to see my first group of student’s complete high school.

  7. And despite the cuts from the NC General Assembly, what do you see as good reasons other young people should consider becoming an educator?

    I believe that there hasn’t been a better time to become an educator. To come in and be a part of the change in education is truly an experience. The night is darkest before dawn, and I revel in the thought of being part of the group that ushers in an education renaissance. I would challenge them to be the change that education so heavily needs.

  8. What do you plan to do this summer?

This summer I will be teaching summer school, and above all honing my skills as an educator. My students deserve the best, and that is what I plan on providing them with this upcoming school year.




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